The Sticks & Stones Program

Parents are always looking for ways to have a closer relationship with their teens. The Sticks & Stones Program does just that. It helps parents create an environment where teens feel comfortable and safe to open up to their parents. The purpose of the Program is to bridge the communication gap between parents and teenagers as well as build trust.


About Sticks & Stones and My Rock

Sticks & Stones is a self-help guide for teens concerning daily issues they deal with. The guide is also a journal where teens can write their thoughts, feelings and questions. The purpose is to create a safe outlet for teens to express themselves. My Rock is a supplemental guide for parents that gives insight on what your teens are reading each week as well as effective strategies and skills to help facilitate a conversation with them.


How the Program Works

Your teens will read one chapter a week from Sticks & Stones and spend the remainder of the week reflecting and writing about what they learned. Parents will read one subject matter a week from My Rock that corresponds with what your teens are reading about. Each week, prior to reading a new chapter, you and your teens will meet to discuss what they have learned and any questions they have.


After You Purchase the Program

After you purchase the Program you will be redirected to the website to register. Next, you will receive an email with your username and a generated password to gain access to My Rock. When you log in with your username/password you will need to register your teen. Your teen will receive an email with a username and generated password to gain access to Sticks & Stones. Both you and your teen may change your password once you log in.


Why the Program was Created

Meaghan developed the Sticks & Stones seven-week program because traditional parenting books offer advice to parents but none to teens. When parents apply the advice, their teens have no idea where this change is coming from. Teenagers are no longer children and can no longer be treated like children. The only way a parent-teen relationship can develop is if both parties are involved. The Sticks & Stones program prepares teens for a conversation they will have with their parents.