In The Know

Anonymous Apps

Anonymous Apps Secret Babbly Cloaq Mood Anonymous Apps allows users to post on social media without having to identify themselves. Anonymous Apps are extremely accessible for children and they can easily be downloaded and used without parents having knowledge. When users aren’t held accountable for the things they post on the Internet, they tend to […]

Temporary Apps

Temporary Apps allows users to post pictures, videos and text online that will destruct within a certain time period. Many people use temporary apps to post silly videos. Others, however, can use it for inappropriate behavior because they don’t have to deal with the consequences. Burn Note Burn Note is an app that allows users […]

Ghost Apps

List of other Ghost Apps that are disguised as Calculators KYMS Private Folder (Calculator%) Spy Calc   Not all Ghost Apps are disguised as Calculators. There are new apps that are being created daily to keep you in the dark. You will not be able to always tell if your children have Ghost Apps, so […]